SAP ITSmobile

SAP ITSmobile

SAP ITSmobile is the solution recommend by SAP for implementing mobile applications for warehouse operations with SAP EWM and SAP LES /SAP WM.

The mobile application is developed using the development tools of the SAP Workbench on the basis of ABAP and Dynpros. With the help of a generator, the Dynpros are used to generate HTML templates. These templates contain the fixed components of a dialogue and are generated for each individual device type (screen resolution).

During runtime the variable data (e.g. storage slot, article, quantity) of the mobile dialogue is determined by processing the Dynpros, just like with a stationary dialogue, and then integrated into the template. The dialogue can now be displayed on the mobile device via Internet Explorer.

User input is passed to the Dynpros via SAP ITSmobile for processing.

Benefits of this integrated solution

  • Business logic is completely within SAP
  • No middleware / no additional systems / no interfaces
  • Complete development and testing of the mobile application with ABAP
  • The mobile application can be tested in an office environment with the SAP GUI
  • The HTML templates can be adjusted specifically
  • Device-specific extensions are possible