Optimisation of warehouse operations

WAROS: optimisation of the delivery service level and resource utilisation during warehouse operations

WAROS is geared towards companies in different sectors with manual or automated warehouse systems that are using a warehouse management system such as SAP EWM or SAP LES / SAP WM for warehouse operations.

Achieving the required delivery service grade each day is no longer a significant challenge for the warehouse control centre thanks to WAROS, as this is automated and ensured through the ongoing optimisation process. The current order situation, the basic load and planned load, are used as input for the purpose of optimisation in WAROS, which in turn enables the differing order and workloads throughout the day in warehouse operations to be smoothed out.

The benefits of WAROS for your warehouse operations

  • Ups and downs in the load curves of your warehouse operations are smoothed out efficiently
  • Simple integration of the software into the existing IT structure produces a faster ROI
  • Intelligent work plan templates enable the creation of work plan steps via mapping, without the need for complex master data maintenance
  • Transparent workflows through visualisation in real-time

Product sheet WAROS