Manual warehouse systems

Mobile solutions for manual warehouse systems with SAP EWM and/or SAP LES / SAP WM

Mobile solutions form the basis for optimised warehouse operations, and they make a significant contribution towards increasing efficiency. The task of warehouse control for paperless processing is to ensure optimum stock picking routes while taking resources, routes and priorities into consideration.

Subsequent entries or manual processes for data transmissions can be dispensed with when using mobile, paperless processing. Thanks to storage slot and/or article verification, errors can be reduced and the quality of operative storage processing can be increased enormously.

Real-time communication with the warehouse management system ensures a high level of transparency, and exceptional circumstances (rack full or wrong article) can be dealt with immediately.

Mobile terminals

In paperless processing using mobile terminals, the employee carries the mobile device with them (handheld) in the warehouse or the terminal is attached to the forklift truck or the stock-picking device (forklift terminal).


With Pick-by-Voice, stock-picking efficiency can be increased even further, as the stockpicker does not have to read the work instructions on a mobile device or picklist. The hands remain free to retrieve the articles.

Solutions for controlling manual warehouse systems in SAP environments

  • Paperless processing / radio data transmissions in SAP EWM with the RF framework
  • Paperless processing / radio data transmissions in SAP LES or SAP TRM
  • Pick-by-voice in SAP EWM or SAP LES / SAP WM with directVoice

Product sheet “Manual warehouse systems with SAP”