Automated warehouse systems

SAP EWM or SAP LES / SAP WM for controlling automated warehouse systems

The ongoing developments in relation to technology and content in both ERP and warehouse management systems as well as the secondary control technology (e.g. Siemens S7) have increasingly led to the integration of stock control functions in ERP and stock management environments over the past few years.

In warehouses with automated pallet conveyors, the so-called signalling point procedure is used. The control technology synchronises the pallets as they move from one individual position to the next. At the signalling points, where the material flow control needs to make a decision, the control technology communicates with the material flow control system.

With a container conveyor system, the container is usually scanned by the control technology before it reaches the signal point, and the material flow system then decides within a matter of milliseconds how the container needs to be transported.

With SAP EWM, SAP has for the first time integrated a solution for material flow control into the standard software for warehouse management.

Utilisation of the existing server landscape, the end-to-end user guidance and the reduction in the number of interfaces represent the biggest advantages for warehouse management with integrated material flow control, in addition to non-dependence on system suppliers.

Utilisation of a software solution for material flow control, which is integrated into SAP, represents a strategic decision for companies Aberle Software helps companies find the right layer concept with the Aberle Software GmbH Logistics IT Master Plan.

Solutions for controlling automated warehouse systems in SAP environments

With the experience gained during the successful implementation of numerous solutions for automated warehouse systems in a wide variety of sectors, and the knowledge of an SAP Special Expertise Partner for SAP SCM, Aberle Software can offer various solutions for the optimum mapping of material flow controls in SAP environments.

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