SAP in the logistics area: warehouse system management and control

The demands being placed on modern, high performance logistics are continuously increasing in scope and complexity. Globalisation, smaller quantities, the Internet and the reduction in stock levels are just a few of the criteria and constraints that are increasing the complexity of logistics. Flexibility and the ability to react quickly to changing conditions are what make a good organisation of logistics stand out nowadays.

Logistics are increasingly becoming a differentiation factor, which means it can influence the position of a company both positively and negatively within the global markets. Decision-makers from the most varied sectors know they have to ensure functionality, modernity and performance of their logistics solutions over the long term. And SAP solutions are well established in the German market as warehouse management systems for automated and manual warehouse systems.

Integrated solutions with SAP EWM or SAP LES generate cost and competitive advantages

To ensure well-functioning logistics, IT systems are needed that support the requirements placed on logistics systems with functions aligned optimally with the logistics processes. The systems must fit in harmoniously with the existing IT landscape and be capable of seamless integration into the ERP environment. It must also be possible to adjust and extend the system and support must be ensured for the entire lifecycle. Homogenisation of the IT landscapes and the associated reduction in systems and interfaces is becoming increasingly important.

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