LogiMAT News - Focus on the digital transformation in logistics

Körber Logistics' presence at LogiMAT 2018 (Hall 1, Stand C16 and Hall 8, Stand D55) is all about the digitization in logistics. The Business Area, part of the international technology group Körber, will present current innovations and concepts to further automate and digitize the supply chain. One of the key exhibits at Stand C16 is an exemplary installation featuring the perception-driven mobile robot "Toru" from Magazino, which enables precise order picking according to the pick-by-robot principle. At the end of February 2018, the Körber Group became an investor in the Munich-based robotics start-up Magazino GmbH.

"Digitization is revolutionizing our industry. Körber Logistics is optimally positioned for this change - our trade fair slogan 'Driving Digital Transformation' allows us to underscore our claim to decisively push the digital change in logistics forward with our ideas, innovations and concepts," says Hubert Kloß, Managing Director of Körber Logistics Systems GmbH.

At LogiMAT 2018, Körber Logistics' digitization expertise can be experienced in numerous exhibits. At their joint booth, system integrator Aberle GmbH will show digital visualization solutions, allowing visitors to use augmented reality in a HoloLens application to experience how a Riantics Layer Picker system acts and works. Aberle will also be demonstrating how Körber Logistics customers will be able to assess new systems in detail during the planning phase using virtual reality glasses that provide a virtual representation of a real existing system. This makes it possible to coordinate concrete configurations at an early stage - thus reducing the amount of time and money required. Aberle is already testing another digital tool with its Service-App that uses augmented reality to provide an inside view of a system, illuminate potential defects or cite part numbers for repair work, among other things. The goal is to significantly simplify and accelerate documentation, maintenance and service.

The highlight of Körber Logistics at LogiMAT is an exemplary installation with the perception-driven mobile robot "Toru" from Magazino. "We view Pick-by-Robot as a key technology that has the potential to revolutionize intralogistics," says Kloß. "It's quite obvious why. The autonomously acting robots from Magazino enable dynamic warehousing and order picking as well as the intelligent disposition of materials in e-commerce and on assembly lines. Magazino is closing a key gap in the automation of logistics processes with this precise access to individual items. At a shelf with shoeboxes on it, the robot shows how it handles individual items, temporarily stores them, transports them from point A to B, and then puts them back down. This combination of free navigation and the autonomous handling of individual items is unique in the market so far. The Magazino installation at LogiMAT is linked with conveyor technology, software and the Service-App from the Körber Logistics Business Units.

The role of Körber Logistics as one of the leading providers of innovative software and digital services for the entire supply chain will be highlighted at Stand D55 in Hall 8. Here, Inconso's software specialists will present their company's current portfolio under the slogan: "Leading IT Solutions for Supply Chain Optimization". Key topics include Inconso Cloud Solutions as well as the Warehouse Management, Transport Management and Supply Chain Execution offerings. As one of the highlights, Inconso will demonstrate how the cloud solution communicates via a voice interface with the Amazon Echo Show at the showcase "inconsoPOD meets Alexa".

"With the unique combination of digital expertise in our business units, we are optimally prepared for the digital transformation in logistics," emphasizes Hubert Kloß with Körber Logistics' presence and portfolio at LogiMAT 2018 in mind. "When our customers ask us about future solutions we already have the right answers for them today."