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HAZET relies on the SAP EWM know-how of Aberle

Stuttgart, August 2013 Aberle Software GmbH realised a warehouse management system for the tool manufacturer HAZET-WERK, Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co. KG based on SAP EWM for controlling internal logistics at its site in Heinsberg.

The Remscheid-based manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment HAZET is building a new cutting-edge high-bay storage facility at its site in Heinsberg, where the current logistics centre is located. HAZET commissioned Aberle Software GmbH, Stuttgart, with the implementation of an SAP EWM solution that was aligned optimally with its processes. Within the SAP EWM standard, extension possibilities of the system are exploited to the full to ensure a flexible, high performance and extendable IT solution can be created, which optimises the logistical processes. Special feature: Aberle Software GmbH will connect the programmable logic controllers (SPS) directly to SAP EWM so that the control of the automation processes takes place with the integrated material flow control system SAP EWM-MFS. With regard to the system and investment level, this means HAZET no longer needs to integrate a separate material flow computer. What’s more, a “Pick-by-voice” system for supporting efficient picking processes can also be controlled directly via SAP EWM. “The clear expertise of Aberle Software GmbH in the area of operative logistics with SAP and the system concept with SAP EWM as a comprehensive warehouse management system were key factors in awarding the contract”, explained HAZET Logistics Manager Christoph Jung.

Parallel to the SAP implementation project, Aberle GmbH, Leingarten, also received an order from HAZET to extend the capacity of its logistics centre in Heinsberg based on the plans of the company viaLog Logistik Beratung GmbH, which is based in Harsewinkel in Lower Saxony. This related to the creation of a new, manually operated pallet warehouse as well as a fully automatic consolidation buffer and associated conveyor technology. Process control for the extension is also handled by SAP EWM. “Realisation of the project with Aberle as general contractor for the SAP EWM implementation and facility extension reduced the project complexity and outlay for us”, summed up Christoph Jung.

The new consolidation buffer is used by HAZET for the provision of separately picked order items in line with actual requirements. The corresponding picking bins are brought together in the consolidation buffer for the respective orders and then forwarded to the packing area via the new conveyor technology. The SAP EWM system implemented by Aberle Software GmbH ensures correct sequencing and an optimum material flow. “With the SAP EWM solution, which includes direct control of the automation components, HAZET now has a flexible, future-proof IT system that will be easy to maintain over the long term”, added Thomas Schmid, Business Development Manager of Aberle Software GmbH.

The overall project term for the software and intralogistics is set for 12 months. The new system and the SAP EWM solution are to be handed over in September 2014.

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Aberle Software GmbH implements multi-sector IT solutions for managing, controlling and optimising automated and manual warehouse systems. One particular area of expertise of the company is the direct integration into the SAP environment of customers with the SAP standard modules SAP EWM and SAP LES / SAP WM, with a minimum number of interfaces.

Aberle Software is part of Körber Process Solutions, an international provider of processing, packaging and intralogistics solutions for a wide variety of sectors.


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Aberle GmbH is a specialist in automating and modernising industrial and logistics facilities. In doing so, Aberle acts as general contractor and system integrator to plan and realise highly complex automation projects for intralogistics systems and offers multi-sector consulting, planning, software development, project realisation and maintenance services from a single source.

Aberle is part of Körber Process Solutions, an international provider of processing, packaging and intralogistic solutions for a wide variety of sectors.


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